Join us for a bug hunt – there are prizes!

Join us right now on Google Hangouts:

Testers need to have creatively nefarious minds; abusing applications in ways which only the most sick caffeine-starved users might. At Red Gate our testers and developers work tightly together, and the testers are skilled developers themselves (but wired with certain special skills and a twisted craving to break software). It increases the chances of catching bugs, and helps spot them earlier too, making them easier to fix.

Sometimes those testers are not enough. Before releasing any major software, we run internal ‘bug hunts’, where we invite testers and developers from across the company to spend some time beating up the application. There are prizes for the people who find the most bugs, and also for the best bugs (as judged by the dev team). It’s a great way to find the edge cases and bits of weird user behaviour which the team itself might not have considered.

So what’s better than an internal bug hunt? Opening it up to the whole world!

On Friday 22nd March, we want you to join us for a public bug hunt for ANTS Performance Profiler 8, currently in beta. There’ll be prizes for the most and best bugs, and probably something for taking part too. The dev team will be on hand from about 4am EST to 3pm EST (probably later) to chat and answer questions, probably on Google Hangouts. For more information on how to take part, just sign up to the bug hunt.