It's time to share your top .NET performance optimization tips

You’ve probably been there. There’s an issue with the performance of your .NET application, you don’t know what’s causing it, a deadline is looming, and you turn to a performance profiler to help. You resolve the problem, move on, and you’re thankful you saved the day.

Now you can save the day for another developer – and be rewarded handsomely for it.

We want your tips on .NET performance profiling. What works. What doesn’t. What the best shortcuts are. What the easiest glitches are to solve. And the hardest. What your top tips are on avoiding, finding, and fixing application performance problems.

We’ll publish the best tips under your name

We’ll save every tip we receive and then present them to the Simple-Talk editors who will sift through them and choose the best. They don’t need to be the longest, or the ones that resolve the biggest issues. They could simply be ones that save hours of work with a couple of clicks on a tool like ANTS Performance Profiler.

applewatch.jpgWe’ll then publish and distribute your combined and documented knowledge as a free, community-created, professionally typeset eBook.

You’ll naturally be credited by name / pseudonym / twitter handle / GitHub username / StackOverflow profile, as the clearly ingenious author of hot performance tips.

You’ll also join the contributors whose tips in 50 Ways to Avoid Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues have already been shared with thousands of developers in the .NET community.

We’ll reward the top tip with an Apple Watch

The top tip, and the one that will appear as the number one tip in the book will be rewarded with another tempting prize: an Apple Watch, or your favorite Android alternative (I quite like the Sony SmartWatch 3 in stainless steel).

We’ll get the ball rolling with some examples

So what could your tips be based on? We asked our Simple-Talk editors and they’re particularly interested in:

  • Speeding up performance in .NET applications
  • Quick win tips for understanding execution plans, and how this can speed up application and database code
  • Full stack profiling tips
  • Your favorite hidden gem in ANTS Performance Profiler
  • Tips on finding and fixing Async performance bottlenecks

We need your tips soon

Our plan is to publish the top tips book at the beginning of October, so get your thinking cap on and send your tips to by August 29 2015.