Competition: The Great Advances in SQL Server

The real advances in IT are seldom the ones that are heralded by great noise or media hype. So many of the technologies that have become part of our lives, such as browsers, Email and ‘texting’ came surreptitiously, almost by accident. Technologies that come with a fanfare often tend to fade away.

In retrospect, what were the great advances in SQL Server 2000? Was it the exciting stuff the marketing men told us about, or was it the less obvious features whose importance has crept up on us over time?

Whether you think it was the grandiose ‘Business Intelligence’ features or the humble trigger, we’d like to hear what you think. We’re asking you to nominate the two most important introductions to SQL Server 2000 (and upwards).

We’ll be offering Simple-Talk goodie bags, including the much-coveted Red Gate USB dongle, to the three best stated and argued nominations. Winners will be announced in the 12th June newsletter.