Caption Competition 7 – No Clever Subtitle Edition

Update: Congratulations to WilliamII who won the caption competition on August 4 with his caption: Marketing tell me it won’t sell unless you can make calls on it. If only Alexander Graham Bell would hurry up and invent the telephone.

Your task is simple: caption the picture below in a way that makes us laugh.


Some suggestions to set you on your way:

  • “Siri, darling – run away with me.”
  • Hal 10000 – cuter, coin-operated, compact, and up to 40% less murderous.
  • Jeremy was beginning to suspect that the “Thought activated computer and telepathy crown” his colleagues had given him might not be on the level.

As always, you can do better than us and, as always, there’s a $50 Amazon voucher for the best response.