Caption Competition 10 – Double Digits

Congratulations to Doug Tucker who won this week’s caption competition with: The keyboard is so last-century (just like your outfits).

What’s going on in this scene below? Why, it’s whatever your imagination can come up with! The best reply left in the comments below will win a $50 Amazon voucher.


Some suggestions to get you started:

  • The new computing syllabus is great, but naughty children have to write their software in ZX Spectrum Assembler.
  • Now Lucy, this is a keyboard. To get an A, you’ll have to learn to type 60wpm while holding it like this.

  • Do you know why we’re taking this away? Mr. Morgan saw your avatar on World of Warcraft during school hours again.

  • Now students, this key is F8. It’s purpose has been lost in the sands of time.