Beta support for ASP.NET 5 DNX projects in ANTS profilers

This post was about beta releases of ANTS Performance Profiler 9.2 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.7. You should ignore it, and use the final release builds rather than these preview builds. There’s more information about the final releases in this blog post.


We’ve just released beta support for ASP.NET 5 projects which run on top of the new .NET Execution Environment (DNX) in ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler.

To try the beta builds, just download them using the links below, and choose a project.json file on the “ASP.NET 5 (beta)” tab. [links removed as they are out of date]


Update 17th June: New betas are now available with the ability to find PDB files, so line-level timing information will be available, and methods with source should be identified. Previous betas will expire on 18th June, so you should download updates using the links below to continue using the new DNX functionality.

Update 1st July: Updated the links above with a new beta, which includes additional bug fixes, and will break down activity by the incoming web request that caused it to run.

Update 17th July: The final builds of the ANTS Profilers have been released

This build will expire after 14 days – we’ll release an update before then which you’ll need to upgrade to by July 14th in order to continue using the beta.

We’d really appreciate any feedback you have about the new functionality. Just reply to this post, or email