Beta release of C#6 support in .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector 9 has now been released, so this beta program is no longer active – you can read more about the released version in my colleague James Gilmore’s blog. Version 9 is a free upgrade for existing customers of version 7 or higher, and can be downloaded from

.NET Reflector 9 adds support for the new features in C#6 and VB14 (as well as for .NET 4.6, which they relate to). There are numerous new language features, so as the Reflector team adds support for each of these features in turn, we will release regular beta updates here.

You can download the latest build (, released November 3rd) using the link below. This build will expire after 2 weeks.

Giving us feedback

To help us improve the quality of decompilation during the beta program, if Reflector crashes when trying to decompile code, you’ll have the option to automatically send us the IL that it couldn’t cope with. It would help us a lot if you’d allow Reflector to submit that data. We’d also really appreciate your general feedback on the quality of Reflector’s decompilation, and particularly of new C#6 language features. Just drop us an email at It would be useful to let us know the versions of the assemblies, or to send us the relevant IL (or even the entire assemblies) for private assemblies which we don’t have access to.