ARM Template Visualizer

Recently a new feature appeared in Azure Portal, an ARM Template Visualizer, capable to show a graphic view of the resources inside an ARM template. The feature appears as a new button in screens where we are editing or downloading templates.

These are some of the screens where you will see the new button:

  • When you are provisioning new resources, if you click the Download Template for Automation link
  • When you choose the Export Template option under Automation on the left menu

  • The screen for template deployment
  • Resource Visualizer on any Resource Group menu item

The best usage for this new feature is when visualizing templates for resource groups. Templates for resource groups will contain all the objects inside the resource group, so you will be able to see even the relation between them when this relation is exposed during the provisioning.

The image below shows some of these relations:

  • There is an alert inside Application Insights
  • The App Service is inside an App Service Plan
  • The App Services Certificate and the Web Certificate are inside Key Vault


If you try to visualize a template of a single object, it may not be very useful, you will get an image like the one below, generated by a Log Analytics Workspace