ANTS Performance Profiler v8.6 release, and what's coming next

A couple of months ago, we released a new version of ANTS Performance Profiler, v8.6. As a user, the main change you’re likely to notice it that the timeline can now be collapsed to free up some vertical screen space, which is particularly helpful when you’re using it on a lower-resolution projector in meetings or talks – it’s been a really common request which I’m excited to see ship.

Beyond that it probably didn’t look like a huge update, but at the same time we did a lot behind-the-scenes to improve our future ability to work on the tool. This included NuGet-ifying and updating numerous dependencies, upgrading the .NET Reflector decompilation engine, various minor bug fixes, and working on our test infrastructure to give more confidence in our automated tests.

Now I want to share a glimpse of what’s coming next. ANTS already shows you when sql queries are run and how long they took, but when a slow query has been identified as the cause of an application’s performance issue, it can be difficult to understand why.


In the upcoming version, expected October, we’re planning to provide much deeper information as to why sql performance is slow, including showing you the query’s execution plan. I’ll be talking more about exactly that means over the next month or so, but in the meantime, we’d really value your input, so if you could spare a little time to chat through what we’re planning and are interested in seeing designs before they’re released to the public, leave a comment or drop an email to