A new version of SQL Backup

There are exciting times for Red Gate’s SQL Backup development team at the moment. We have just released a minor version (4.6) which includes support for more keywords. Specifically PAGE level restore is now supported along with the KEEP_REPLICATION keyword. If you are an existing SQL Backup user you can upgrade via Check for updates (from the Start menu -> All programs -> SQL Backup -> Check for updates).

I suspect I’m going to have to buy a few rounds of cakes and donuts over the coming weeks to keep the stamina up, since work is already well under way for future development of SQL Backup. I’ll blog more about what’s happening over the coming weeks.

By the way, it’s always very useful to hear from current customers about the performance achieved from SQL Backup. What compression can you get with your backup files compared to backing up in native SQL Server or using another tool? Compare the timings too and let me know whether you experiment with the compression options to achieve the best balance of speed and compression.