A little bit of Genius

Over the years I have installed Linux distro’s many many times – the first was sometime around Red Hat 4 and it has never been a pleasant experience, that is until I came to do it this morning.

With trepidation I downloaded a copy of Ubuntu, burnt it to CD (kudos on the installation instructions – even gave me a link to a good ISO burner rather than me having to go and hunt one down) and put the CD into the drive and waited for a few hours of hell to begin.

Within a minute or two I had a Ubuntu desktop up and running through the magic of a LiveCD. This allowed me to play with my future distro but better than this there is a nice install icon on the desktop allowing me to run the Linux installer (another quite pleasant experience).

So what? Linux have eventually sorted out their installation mechanism so it isn’t a total pain – what I like about this is the fact that someone has taken an existing technology (the LiveCD) and used it as part of the installer making my overall experience of installing Linux a joy rather than a pain.

(Don’t worry I still have plenty of Windows machines and won’t be switching my main desktop any time soon – there are just a few things I wanted to look at on Linux).