Lessons learned from Code::Dive

I live and work in Wroclaw, Poland. There has been an exceptional number of technical conferences held in my city this year. In addition to a regular SQL Day, we had .NET Developer Days; Infrastructure Days is about to happen (with a possibility of meeting the legendary Uncle Bob). Next year looks just as promising … Read more

Take your CRUD to the next level with DDD concepts

Sometimes, in a software development, the level of complexity in part of the project can get to a point where the experienced developers will rethink their strategy. Domain-Driven Design can often help, but if the necessary prerequisites aren't there, it could be that DDD-Lite can help. Konrad Lukasik gives a simple example where some DDD patterns can help to clarify complex logic. … Read more

The JavaScript Landscape in Broad Brushstrokes

JavaScript has come a long way from its humble origins as a simple interpreted object-oriented language for browser-side scripting of web pages. It's many inadequacies, poor debugging and testing, and its design weaknesses, have now been circumvented by frameworks and libraries. JavaScript is now ubiquitous, but is it now suitable for a central role in corporate applications?… Read more

Configuration Management with PowerShell and XML

For the rapid delivery of any software application, there must be an effective configuration management system that is scripted. As the application increases in size it becomes more important that configuration information is kept in one place, without repetition, in version control. How to achieve this in practice? Konrad Lukasik explains a working solution.… Read more

Branching and Merging: Ten Pretty-Good Practices

In the course of rescuing a development from 'merge misery', it became increasingly apparent that there were a number of practices for managing branches in the Version Control System that would have reduced the pain and effort of the subsequent merge, and made the dream of continuous delivery come closer to reality. From the experience comes some well-tested ways of making branches and merges a stress-free part of application development.… Read more