Jagdish Mohite

Jagdish Mohite is an experienced Cybersecurity Professional with 20 years of experience working for Akamai Technology as a Principal Security Consultant. He holds a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Purdue Global and has multiple certifications, OSCP, OSWP, CRTP, CEH, CISSP, CHFI, CISA, and PMP. Jagdish earlier worked on various international engagements and was in Germany and Sweden for a few years. His work extensively contributes towards securing Web Applications and APIs; he is good at malware reverse engineering.

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06 August 2023
06 August 2023

Bots Usage in Artificial Intelligence

The usage of bots in artificial intelligence (AI) has gained significant attention and importance in recent years. Bots, also known as chatbots or intelligent agents, are software applications designed to perform automated tasks or engage in conversations with humans; they are an integral part of AI systems, enabling interactions and delivering various functionalities across various … Read more