Amarendra Reddy Thummeti

Amarendra Reddy Thummeti is a Senior Business Intelligence Engineer who works in Silicon Valley in the United States. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science. He has extensive experience in developing data warehouses, ETL, cubes and reports using the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. He is also passionate about exploring various BI tools features with real-time analytics, predictive analytics and integration. He can be contacted at, or via LinkedIn.

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Developing Metadata Design Patterns in BIML

You may have already experienced ETL Hell, where you have a large number of similar of SSIS tasks, and a small change, such as an alteration to the network topology, means that they all need to be altered with the correct connection details. Perhaps you should consider creating design patterns for all the standard components of integration tasks in BIML, and generating the SSIS packages from these? Amarendra walks you through the process.… Read more