Simple Talk is a technical journal brought to you by Redgate Software . It features technical content that will interest professional developers, administrators, architects, and IT professionals. (If you are looking for articles about Redgate or our tools, visit the Redgate Blog or Redgate Product Learning)

The subject matter for Simple Talk is chosen to interest professionals creating, designing, and architecting software. We’re interested in issues around how and why technology is adopted and used. Topics include relational databases management, DevOps, data privacy and protection, general programming techniques, algorithms, and the challenges different industry sectors face with technology. Content is curated to suit a range of ability levels, such as articles on basic syntax from new programmers to topics on internals and algorithms for industry veterans.

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Simple Talk Mission

The mission of Simple Talk is to provide high-quality content with the following characteristics.

Our Writers

Our articles come from various sources, mainly from community members who have long been sharing their knowledge with others. We are constantly looking for technology experts with the mix of technical skills and the ability to share knowledge via the written word.

We also use professional writers to get a good mix of topics. Still at our core we believe that people who work with the technology they write about can explain technical matters with real depth.

Of course, we are also happy to have writers who are academics, especially when they can make more theoretical topics approachable for everyone.

What we do for our writers

When looking for writers, the most important trait we look for is technical skills. We can help authors by editing, guiding and mentoring submissions to provide articles of consistent quality that people want to read.

To make sure that the articles we publish are well received, we put articles through a rigorous process. It starts with a thorough technical review and edit, followed by a copy edit. Sometimes we ask authors to do substantial revisions before a work is published.

This process allows us to ensure the articles are correct, cover the desired subject, conform to certain rules that make them easier to read and understand, and are of the highest quality we can achieve. We have a group of technical reviewers who help with peer reviews. We sometimes call on Redgate staff for a second opinion.

The time between the submission of the first draft and publication can vary between two weeks and a few months, depending on the extent of revisions required and the number of articles we currently have in the pipeline.

Once an article is ready, we do everything we can to promote our writer’s output!

Do we take applications to write for Simple Talk?

Yes. If you feel like you have something to say and would write for Simple Talk, send an email to with the following information:

Due to the volume of applications, we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

A few notes about writing for Simple Talk: