SQL Connect has been retired

Redgate has now stopped selling SQL Connect. This means that additional copies of SQL Connect, and extensions to support contracts, are no longer available.

If you have a license for SQL Connect, it will still work – we're not taking anything away. You can keep using it for as long as you like, but we won't be doing more work on the tool, so unfortunately there won't be any further updates and we won't be supporting future versions of Visual Studio.


If you're a SQL Connect customer, and you'd like to continue using a fully supported tool to source control database changes, you may be able to use SQL Source Control.

SQL Source Control is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that lets you source control database changes from there.

If you have a SQL Connect Support & Upgrades contract, we're offering you a free license of SQL Source Control.

To claim your license, contact Redgate Support

End of support

Although you can't renew your Support & Upgrades contract for SQL Connect, you'll continue to receive priority support until your current contract expires.

Following that, we will no longer be providing technical support for SQL Connect.

Support for existing users