SQL Backup & Restore Bundle

The SQL Backup & Restore Bundle has been retired

Support for SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore ended on 6th February 2015

After a review of our database administration software last year, we decided to focus development on our core database administration tools and to retire the SQL Backup and Restore Bundle.

Following that decision, we will no longer be providing technical support or upgrades for SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore after 6th February 2015, either as standalone tools or as part of any bundles.

SQL Backup Pro won't be affected by any of these changes.

To say sorry for the inconvenience, you can get free licenses for any other Redgate tools of equivalent value, based on the discounted price of SQL Virtual Restore within the bundle. Just let us know which tool you'd like before June 30 2014.

If you're using your licenses of SQL HyperBac, and you'd rather use a supported tool for your backups, you can switch to your licenses of SQL Backup Pro instead. You can switch any time before June 30 2014.

We'll need to send you a new serial key for your SQL Backup Pro licenses, so please email us at sales@red-gate.com to let us know that you’re switching.

You can get full details in our PDF, Moving to SQL Backup Pro.

Moving to SQL Backup Pro (270kb PDF)

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Support for existing users

Support ended on 6th February 2015