Make continuous delivery for the database a reality

Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) improves the way you make database changes and deliver those changes to your customers, by putting in place a safe, reliable, and predictable process that's integrated with the rest of your software development.

DevOps practices like version control, continuous integration, and release management are now possible for the database too. It's time to remove that last bottleneck.

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According to the 2016 State of DevOps report, high-performing IT organisations deploy more frequently with lower change failure rates and faster recovery times. And they have the most engaged employees. Don't let the database prevent you from joining them.

Introducing Redgate DLM

Redgate's DLM solution helps you put in place a trusted, scalable and repeatable database change management process. You can automate your database deployments alongside your application code, complete your DevOps journey and become a truly high-performing IT organisation.

Spend less time managing deployment pain and more time adding value. Your business will thank you for it and so will your team.

"Today, thanks to a lot of our toolchain work, including Redgate's software... we're managing to release up to 95 times a day. It's vastly improved over one release every six weeks."

– Ryan Crawford, Technical Manager, Skyscanner

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95 times a day

What can Database Lifecycle Management do for your team?

Eliminate the risk and uncertainty of manual deployments

You build and test your database changes alongside your application code so you know exactly what you're about to release. You can deploy more frequently in confidence, adding more value to your business and your customers.

"Code goes from months to deploy, to days... When we want to bring out new functionality for the customer, we can do it really quick. That's the real benefit."

– Jon Forster, Senior Global Programme Manager, Fitness First

Minimize time spent on bug fixes, rework, and failure recovery

You get a transparent process and a full change history so you can quickly identify the issue or rollback to a previous version. Change failure rates are reduced and time to recovery improved, helping keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

"I can push things out faster and free up time that used to be used for manual setup and testing. Less bugs for customers, less downtime, more stable and reliable software."

– Mattias Geigant, Developer, Boxon

Improve team engagement, collaboration, and productivity

Your teams use the same infrastructure to develop application and database code so they can collaborate more effectively. Your developers will be working as a team, sharing changes easily and using standardised processes and tools.

"The productivity of the team has improved dramatically. We were doing one database update a week, which took almost a full day. Now it takes ten minutes. We can spend the extra time we've gained developing new features."

– Luis Abreu, COO/CTO, Nmbrs©

Why Redgate?

"Redgate tools are considered to be the gold standard."

– Adam Machanic, Data Platform MVP

Flexibility to work how you want

Redgate DLM is easily integrated with the application development infrastructure you have in place and gives you the flexibility to choose how you work.

Audit and compliance

Redgate DLM puts in place a robust and transparent database change management process that helps highly regulated industries demonstrate compliance.

World-class support

Redgate offers comprehensive documentation and a friendly, helpful support team. An average 87% of customers rate our support 'Excellent'.

Industry standard tools

Redgate has specialized in database software for 16 years. Our products are used by 650,000 IT professionals, in more than 100,000 companies.

"Not only is our development team more productive, we are also seeing substantially faster delivery times and, most importantly, more accuracy."

– Rynhardt van Rensburg, Systems Analyst, ABSA Bank

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Built on trusted technology

Redgate DLM is built on the SQL Compare engine, trusted by 71% of the Fortune 100 to take care of their database changes.

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Solving Database Deployments with Database Lifecycle Management

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