Support and upgrades for your products

A support package provides you with free upgrades for major releases and priority support. We designed it as a way of lowering total cost of ownership for our products, making it easy for people to continue as users with the minimum of fuss.


For the duration of your support package, you won't need to pay for upgrades, which should help in two ways:

  1. The cost of support is less than buying an upgrade when it comes out, so it's likely that your support package will save you money.
  2. The users of your software automatically receive the latest features when they come out, with none of the fuss or delay that can occur when you have to go through another purchasing process. The internal hassle and cost associated with buying software upgrades is often high. With a support package, this cost is removed completely.


For the duration of your support package, you will receive priority support from our dedicated product support team. We'll do our best to answer any questions by email and, if necessary, by telephone or video conference. We normally resolve problems within 24 service hours.

If you haven't purchased support, we will do our best to answer the questions via our forums. This means that other people who have a similar question will be able to benefit from seeing the answers. However, we make no guarantee that forum questions will be answered, or that the answers given are correct (if another user answers the question, for example).


As a support owner, you don't need to take any active steps to receive support. Everything is handled by our systems. The status of your support and upgrades package is recorded in our internal systems and in the purchaser's purchase documents. This means we can send every support owner an up-to-date license whenever a new version comes out and that we can evaluate whether a support request is backed by a support package.

Purchasing support and upgrades

Support and upgrade packages are purchased when you buy our products. We don't sell support and upgrade packages for a few of our products, in particular .NET Reflector and our MySQL tools.

If your support and upgrade package has lapsed, and you want to purchase an upgrade, please use our online Upgrade Center.

If you need to renew an existing support package, please contact us.

Upgrade Policy

Product roadmap

Check out what's planned for Redgate products in our current product roadmap.

All minor releases, such as minor bug fixes, are free. For major updates, supported customers receive upgrades to the latest version of the product they've purchased, for free. To get the latest version, go to Check for updates in the Help menu of the product.

For those customers without a current support and upgrade package, the Redgate upgrade policy is to charge a percentage of the current product cost.

If you would like to upgrade your product, for example the SQL Bundle to SQL Bundle Developer Edition, all you will need to do is pay the difference in current prices.

To purchase an upgrade, please visit the Upgrade Center or email telling us your license key, which product you would like to upgrade, and the number of licenses you would like to upgrade.

If you have any questions about upgrading please contact a member of our sales team.

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