Red Gate's tools are generally considered to be the gold standard. SQL Compare is fast, extremely easy to use – Red Gate pays a huge amount of attention to its UIs – full-featured and affordable. I wouldn't bother messing around with anything else.

Adam Machanic, SQL Server MVP

Having used SQL Server since version 6.0, back in the 90's, I recently purchased the Red Gate SQL Toolbelt. As a real world developer / administrator, I am absolutely shocked at how good this product is. They think of everything. I never thought I would care too much about improving the process of performing a backup and restore, but even that simple task is so much easier with SQL Backup. Ship to the network is a beauty, I spent days previously with batch files to achieve this.

SQL Prompt would have saved me thousands of hours, and the auto format is really slick. When you use this for a week, you will never, ever do without it again. Just type "SSF" and you have "Select * from " and there are loads more snippets like this.

In the last few days, I am working on a project where I have a large database that I am trying to merge with another large database, I was able to achieve it with SQL Compare and then with SQL Data compare. I cannot imagine how I would have done it without these tools.

I postponed buying this for so long, but I do not regret it. If you make money with SQL Server, and you have a car and do not have the SQL Toolbelt, sell you car and buy this product, you will go further, faster with this.

Mark Breen, Margin Business Solutions Ltd

I've been a SQL DBA for about as long as there has been SQL. I really appreciate so many things about Red Gate... The tools are top notch. I use at least one every single day. The pricing is very reasonable, and - best of all - is the customer support. I get quick answers to all my questions from a knowledgeable and professional staff member. Such a departure from the industry as a whole. I'll be a customer for quite a long time.

Steve Gray MCDBA , Vice President, 4Penny.net

Whenever I show people any Red Gate software it's like they just escaped communist Russia and have a new life to live.

Scott Cowan, Senior Engineer, Sportinginsider.com

I was able to see how the Red Gate support team performs when I was under pressure and they did a great job. We have actually decided to implement your product here instead of using TOAD for SQL. Your product is first rate. The SQL Toolbelt provides tools that database developers as well as DBAs should not live without. Excellent product and a great support team.

William Van Orden, Senior Database Developer, Lockheed Martin

I used SQL Compare with a previous employer and loved it so much I brought the experience here. This time, we bought the whole package. Love it!

Jim Franklin, Lead Solutions Developer, J2 Aircraft Dynamics

I always recommend your products and indeed the SQL Toolbelt has come in handy in many situations when time was very short. The functionality provided by the SQL Toolbelt is astounding and always helps in meeting the deadline.

For starters it's now very easy for us to track database changes over different versions and upgrades. This has helped a lot in the production environment. And especially when debugging, using SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to track down differences in the databases makes things a lot simpler.

Let me give you a real-life example. When online production servers are involved and we need to upgrade both the database structure and the latest data, SQL Compare synchronizes the structures in less than a few minutes and we can synchronize live data into the upgraded schemas using SQL Data Compare. The down-time is negligible. We also get to do test-runs using snapshots of the databases in question before we actually commit them to live servers. This gives us the comfort of testing different scenarios and verifying the outcomes in advance of deployment.

The combination of products in the SQL Toolbelt has saved us a lot of time and boosted productivity in all aspects of the product life cycle. Whenever there's a problem it's easily located and fixed promptly. No more long hours spent trying to work out where the problem is.

The SQL Toolbelt is a must for anyone considering serious development and administration on SQL Server.

Mustafa Bashiti, Database Developer, Dutco Group, UAE

The SQL Toolbelt saves us so much time and work that I was afraid my director would decide that we don't need a DBA anymore!

On the contrary these tools have really made it possible to do a lot more than we were doing. I now spend more time being productive rather than trying to chase down some obscure command line argument to do some extremely granular task.

Mike Poole, Database Administrator, Human Kinetics
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