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Introduction to SQL Toolbelt

Our largest collection of SQL Server tools for developers and DBAs – with a 65% saving

The SQL Toolbelt gives you 14 essential SQL Server tools in one installer.

So, when you're working with SQL Server databases, you can finally have the most powerful set of tools right there when you need them.

Tools in the SQL Toolbelt

SQL Source Control

Connect your databases to your version control system

SQL Compare Pro

Compare and synchronize database schemas

SQL Data Compare Pro

Compare and synchronize database contents

SQL Prompt

Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly

SQL Data Generator

Generate realistic test data fast, based on column and table names

SQL Dependency Tracker

Explore object dependencies and visualize complex databases simply

SQL Backup Pro

Compress, securely encrypt, and strengthen your backups

SQL Monitor

SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting

SQL Search

Search your database quickly in SQL Server Management Studio


Automatically generate database documentation

SQL Multi Script Unlimited

Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click

SQL Test

Write and run unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Comparison SDK

Automate comparison and synchronization tasks

DLM Dashboard

Be the first to know when any of your SQL Server databases change

SQL Backup Pro and SQL Monitor are licensed per server. All other tools are licensed per user.

SQL Toolbelt case study

Case Study

“If you work with SQL Server and don't have SQL Toolbelt, you're likely losing thousands of dollars a month.”
— John Trumbul, Senior Software Engineer, Lumidata

Learn how John Trumbul saved a half-year of a developer's salary in his first three months of using the SQL Toolbelt at Lumidata.

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