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Frequent updates for SQL Source Control

SQL Source Control updates are now released every few months. If you want to get updates every 2-3 weeks, you can turn on frequent updates.

Installing an update is always optional, whether or not you're using frequent updates.

About frequent updates

When you turn on frequent updates, SQL Source Control will offer you new updates every two or three weeks. We recommend this if you want to:

Turning on frequent updates

To turn on frequent updates, download and install the SQL Source Control frequent updates installer. You don't need to uninstall your existing version of SQL Source Control.

Download frequent updates installer

Turning off frequent updates

Turning off frequent updates won't affect any of your linked databases, and nothing will be changed in source control. However, you may lose features, bug fixes and performance improvements. For more detail, see the release notes.

To turn off frequent updates:

  1. Uninstall SQL Source Control.
  2. Download and reinstall SQL Source Control.

SQL Source Control will return to offering you new updates every few months.