SQL Source ControlMigrations V2 beta

We've released a beta version of the new Migrations V2 functionality. This is an improved version of the V1 migration script functionality first introduced in SQL Source Control 3.0, and works quite differently.

Migrations V2 supports:

Unlike V1 migration scripts, V2 migration scripts don't need to be saved in a separate folder in the repository. Instead, they are added to a table-valued function in the database when you commit them. For information about how this works behind the scenes, see How V2 migration scripts are used in deployment.

Get the beta

The Migrations V2 beta is part of SQL Source Control 3.6, released on Frequent Updates.

This is a beta build of SQL Compare compatible with the Migrations V2 beta.

For information about how Migrations V2 works, including worked examples, see the SQL Source Control 3 documentation.


The new migrations feature is still in beta, so we can't guarantee it will work flawlessly just yet.

If you just want to experiment with Migrations V2, we recommend you create a new database in a new repository.