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SQL Source Control 5 Beta

We're gearing up to release the new version with improved migration scripts at the end of May, and the SQL Source Control 5 release candidate is ready for you to try!

You can find more details of what we've been up to in the release notes.

Download release candidate

We'd love for you to test migrations against your real database schema:

  • Does a Get Latest work for your colleague?
  • Does a Get Latest work for a brand new empty database linked to the project?
  • Does it generate the right script to deploy to your test/staging/production environment?
  • If you've used migrations v1 before, does the upgrade work?

We want to know about anything that might stop your team adopting this version of the migrations feature. If any of the above scenarios don't work, or you've got any questions, then please reply to email us at SoCv5Feedback@red-gate.com. Of course, we'd like to hear good news too! If migrations helped you deploy to production, or made your life easier in any way, let us know!

Time to start fresh – existing beta migrations deprecated

Improvements we've made to our storage format mean existing beta migrations are now incompatible. If you install the release candidate, you won't see any beta migrations you've made previously. You'll also need to install SQL Compare 11.6.0 or later to deploy these new migrations. If this causes a real problem for you, get in touch.

For more information about migration scripts in SQL Source Control, visit our documentation site.

And, to find out more about SQL Source Control, visit the SQL Source Control product page.