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Database source control within SSMS

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SQL Source Control connects your databases to your version control system

  • Link databases to SVN, TFS, Git, Mercurial, Vault, Perforce
  • Source control for schemas and data
  • Push and pull database changes in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Check development history and access specific database versions
  • Store and share scripts to handle complex changes, such as column splits
  • Undo SQL Server changes
  • Exclude objects from source control using custom filters.
  • Supports SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • View SQL differences between objects in a database and source control
  • Work with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to deploy databases directly from source control
  • Continuous Integration – Database continuous integration is driven by code changes checked into source control. Find out more about SQL Source Control and database continuous integration.
  • Use the in-built Subversion Evaluation Repository to try SQL Source Control without touching your version control system.
  • Prefer to develop databases in Visual Studio? Try SQL Connect

Video: Getting started with SQL Source Control Video: Getting started with SQL Source Control (3:04) SQL Source Control integrates into SQL Server Management Studio Integrates into Management Studio

Linking a database to source control Link to your existing source control system Viewing database development history in SQL Source Control View history

Seamless database version control

SQL Source Control makes database version control seamless. It links your databases to your existing source control system straight from SQL Server Management Studio, so you can source control databases without disrupting your workflow.

Use your preferred development model

It doesn't matter whether your development team works with a central database or individual, local copies – SQL Source Control supports both development models. Just pick the one you work with and carry on as normal.

Track and share changes

You can keep track of who changed what, when, and why, improve change management and auditing, and easily share or revert changes.

SQL Source Control also stores a complete history of your updates to simplify database versioning, and provides a sandbox for risk–free experimenting.

Repeatable, accurate deployments

SQL Source Control can also be combined with SQL Compare to rationalize your deployment process, making deployments repeatable and accurate without any loss of visibility or control over the change process.

See what SQL Source Control can do for your development…

Start source controlling your database now by downloading SQL Source Control as part of our SQL Developer Bundle.

The SQL Developer Bundle also includes SQL Compare, which works with SQL Source Control to make deployment accurate and repeatable. Learn how to use the two together.

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How healthcare tech company Practice Fusion does database continuous integration

User case study

Practice Fusion Case Study

Practice Fusion provides doctors, pharmacies, and labs with health records for 75 million patients across the US.

Its development team uses SQL Source Control, SQL Compare, and Jenkins to build, test, and deploy database changes.

This makes deployments simple, stops unauthorized changes to their production servers, and saves Practice Fusion $25,000 a year.

Read the case study

Continuous integration for databases using Red Gate tools

Continuous integration for databases using Red Gate tools whitepaper
  • How to add a SQL Server database to your continuous integration process
  • A worked example, using SQL Source Control and the command lines from other Red Gate tools
Read the whitepaper (PDF)

How to set up SQL Source Control


The basics of working with SQL Source Control:

  • Adding schemas and data to your source control system
  • Sharing your development changes
  • Reviewing your change history

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How to deploy complex changes without losing data


How SQL Source Control and SQL Compare help with:

  • Keeping your data safe when you make changes such as table or column splits
  • Sharing complex changes with your team
  • Deploying them to production servers without losing data

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Part of the SQL Developer Bundle

With our full set of SQL development tools you can code fast, collaborate easily, and deploy accurately. Sound good?

What people are saying about SQL Source Control:

After using SQL Source Control for several months, I wondered how I got by before.

The ability to instantly keep database structure in synchronization across development, test, and production environments instantly reduced the amount of work and potential for error.

Highly recommended, it has paid for itself several times over.

Ben Ashley, Fast Floor

Yesterday a vendor made a change to our database which broke some customer extracts.

With SQL Source Control, I was able find exactly what the problem was and fix it in minutes.

Scott Kowalczyk, Georgia Central Credit Union

Liking SQL Source Control is an understatement for something I needed about 12 years ago.

Stefan Kamphuis, Solution Developer, 40 Fingers


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Try a 28-day fully functional free trial of SQL Source Control.