What's new in SQL Prompt 8.1

New parenthesis formatting options

In SQL Prompt 8.1 we have introduced a brand new way to manage your parenthesis options when setting up your formatting styles.

You have told us you want more specific control over how you want your brackets to appear, such as on new lines, indented and aligned to different objects.

Under the Global settings in the Custom Style screen you can find the new options in the Parenthesis section.

Simply select the style you want to use from the nine options available.

You can also set your parenthesis style for CREATE and ALTER statements by going to Statements and then the Schema (DDL) section. Here you can again choose the style you want to use from nine options available:

And you can also choose the style of your parenthesis within CTE contents:

What's new in SQL Prompt 8

Brand new formatting options

SQL Prompt 8 includes our brand new formatting engine. You can finely tune your formatting style, save multiple styles, share with others and quickly switch between them.

This guide will help you get started formatting your code with SQL Prompt 8.

We've added many new formatting options based on your feedback, including:

  • Quick switching between styles
  • Indent comments consistent with code
  • Support a common intending option for SELECT
  • Format common table expressions (CTEs)
  • Moving commas from "end" to "start"
  • Place semicolon on new line
  • Do not indent FROM and WHERE clause
  • Merge command formatting options
  • and lots more.

Plus, we've added support for Support for SSMS 2017 and Visual Studio 2017.

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What's coming next?

Check out the SQL Prompt roadmap for details of what's coming next.