What's new in SQL Prompt 7.4

Formatting improvements

We have continued to add improvements to our brand new formatting options, including:

  • Improvements to begin/end formatting
  • Improvements to nested parentheses
  • Alignment of Case statements with comments
  • Added the option to "Place BEGIN keyword on new line". You can use this to keep BEGIN on the same line as IF, for example:

						IF @BusinessEntityID > 0 BEGIN
						DELETE FROM HumanResources.Employee_Temporal
						WHERE BusinessEntityID = @BusinessEntityID;

SQL Server Management Studio 17 support

SQL Prompt now supports SQL Server Management Studio 17.

Azure support

We’ve added the following:

  • Visual Studio Azure connection support
  • Azure active directory universal authentication support

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What's coming next?

Check out the SQL Prompt roadmap for details of what's coming next.