SQL Prompt features

The following table provides a comparison of the SQL Prompt features available in SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio:

Key features SQL Server Management Studio Visual Studio
New! SQL Tab Magic now integrated with SQL Prompt.
Tab history provides tab recovery, search, rename and preview
Code completion with statement expansion
Instant access to schema information
Shareable SQL snippets
Find invalid SQL Server objects
Select column dependencies
Auto-generation of aliases
Script as ALTER from query window
Expand wildcards - single instance
Expand wildcards - entire script
Format SQL code
Decrypt encrypted objects
Summarize scripts
Find unused variables and parameters
Qualify object names
Smart rename refactoring
Split table
Encapsulate as stored procedure
Uppercase keywords

SSMS and Visual Studio Support

SQL Prompt is compatible with the following versions on SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio:

For minimum suggested requirements, and to find out which versions of SQL Server SQL Prompt supports connecting to, see the technical requirements page.

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