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SQL Prompt

Write, refactor, and explore SQL effortlessly

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5 ways coding becomes effortless with SQL Prompt:

  • IntelliSense-style code completion
  • Customizable code formatting
  • Save code snippets
  • Refactor SQL code
  • Tab history - save, search, and recover tabs in SSMS

SQL Prompt is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that strips away the repetition of coding.

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NEW! v6.4 - includes inserting semicolons, easily executing current statements,
renaming variables and aliases, and much more. See the latest release notes.


  • SQL Prompt starts at $369
    per user.
  • Volume discounts of up to 30% apply.
  • SQL Prompt is also part of the money-saving SQL Developer Bundle.
  • Write SQL smoothly

    With intelligent SQL code completion, customizable code snippets, object tool tips, and synonym support, SQL Prompt strips the tedium from coding.

  • Save and recover tabs in SSMS

    With Tab History, SQL Prompt remembers the tabs you had open in SSMS so you can restore them when you return. You can also save, preview, and rename tabs.

  • Customize SQL code formatting

    Tell SQL Prompt exactly how you like your SQL. Set your own formatting styles, share them with your team, and enjoy consistent SQL code formatting with a single-click.

  • Save snippets and share them

    Code snippets help you type less. You can add your own to the customizable library and share them with your team.

  • Refactor SQL code

    Rename objects without breaking dependencies and encapsulate SQL code as a stored procedure.

  • Explore your database

    Find invalid database objects and unused variables and parameters, and script objects as ALTER directly from queries.

Key features SQL Server Management Studio Visual Studio
Code completion with statement expansion
Instant access to schema information
Shareable SQL snippets
Find invalid SQL Server objects
Tab history - save, search, and recover tabs in SQL Server Management Studio
Select column dependencies
Auto-generation of aliases
Script as ALTER from query window
Expand wildcards - single instance
Expand wildcards - entire script
Format SQL code
Decrypt encrypted objects
Summarize scripts
Find unused variables and parameters
Qualify object names
Smart rename refactoring
Split table
Encapsulate as stored procedure
Uppercase keywords


SQL Prompt supports SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, and connecting to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Find more details on the technical requirements page.

"Since I started using SQL Prompt, I am at least 30% more productive.
I honestly cannot comprehend how I managed to write T-SQL prior to this tool."


"I'm a busy person. I get a lot done in a day. One of my secrets is using SQL Prompt. It reduces hours of coding to minutes; minutes to seconds. I would recommend it to anyone that writes SQL."
Jes Borland, Consultant, Brent Ozar PLF

"I'm Jeremiah Peschka. I like waffles. Thanks to Red Gate SQL Prompt I have more time to eat waffles."
Jeremiah Peschka,

"SQL Prompt is an amazing tool that will take your SQL development to the next level. I was always a little "text file purist" in my development. I hand-coded everything without help so I was a bit skeptical of this tool. However, when I started using it I was amazed at how much faster I could work."
Timothy Corey, Director of IT, Baptist Bible College

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SQL Prompt quick reference guide

SQL Prompt quick reference guide

Download the quick reference guide PDF 256KB

This handy quick reference guide includes our top 12 snippets, and shortcuts and tips for code-completion, formatting, navigation, and refactoring SQL code.

Webinar: Get the most out of SQL Prompt

This free 30-minute webinar covers many of SQL Prompt's features, inlcuding tips and tricks to help you write SQL faster, customizing format styles, and using SQL Prompt to check the database structure. It includes a demo of SQL Prompt and a Q&A session.

Product documentation

The comprehensive product documentation covers just about everything you'll need to know about SQL Prompt.

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SQL Prompt boosts team productivity and makes coding in SQL effortless.

Use it alongside the other 9 tools in the award-winning SQL Developer Bundle, and you’ll be able to code fast, drive greater collaboration, increase productivity, save time, and strengthen development processes. Sound good?

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