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Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly

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Introduction to SQL Prompt

Writing SQL code by hand, even with IntelliSense, is frankly pretty dull

So we made SQL Prompt, which isn’t

An add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio, SQL Prompt strips away the repetition of coding.

Forget memorizing object and stored procedure names – SQL Prompt autocompletes them.

Stop running around hunting for column dependencies – just check them from the query window.

SQL Prompt takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other distractions, leaving you to concentrate on how the code actually works.

So whether you need to write, refactor, or explore database code, find out how SQL Prompt makes it effortless by trying it free for 14 days.

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5 ways to effortless SSMS coding

  • IntelliSense-style code completion

  • Customizable code formatting

  • Code snippet library

  • Refactor SQL code

  • SSMS tab history

SQL Prompt in 30 seconds

Give us just 30 seconds to show you how SQL Prompt lets you type a lot less, yet do a lot more, by leaving old-fashioned, manual coding behind.

Key features of SQL Prompt

Write SQL smoothly

With SQL code completion, customizable code snippets, object tool tips, and synonym support, SQL Prompt strips the repetition from coding and saves you hours of effort.

Autocomplete does the work for you – even for JOINs

As well as making the most common queries, such as SELECTs and INSERTs, quick to write, SQL Prompt completes JOIN conditions for you automatically. You don't have to remember any column names or aliases.

Share your snippets

Type even less by adding your own code snippets to the customizable library and sharing them with your team. That way, everyone can enjoy even faster, even easier coding.

Save and recover lost tabs in SSMS

With tab history, you can save, preview, and rename tabs – and restore tabs previously opened in SSMS. Letting you pick up work where you left off and start coding again in seconds.

Safely refactor SQL code

Rename objects without breaking dependencies and encapsulate SQL code as a stored procedure.

One-click SQL code formatting

Make code readable and keep developers working to the same standards, with SQL Prompt's single-click, customizable code reformatting.

Eliminate invalid objects

Keep your databases tidy and reliable with a complete list of any invalid objects, and unused variables and parameters.

To fix them, you can script objects as ALTER directly from queries.

Updated frequently, based on your feedback

SQL Prompt's now on version 6.4, with the next beta already being tested. It's updated regularly based on feedback from the forums and SQL Prompt UserVoice. If there's a feature you'd love to see, just let us know.

Still not convinced?

There aren’t many people more qualified at programming SQL than SQL Server MVPs Steve Jones and Grant Fritchey.

Watch how they fared at coding with – and without – SQL Prompt.


FeatureSSMSVisual Studio
Code completion with statement expansionxx
Instant access to schema informationxx
Shareable SQL snippetsxx
Find invalid SQL Server objectsx
Tab history - save, search, and recover tabsx
Select column dependenciesxx
Auto-generation of aliasesxx
Script as ALTER from query windowx
Expand wildcardsxx
Format SQL codexx
Decrypt encrypted objectsxx
Summarize scriptsxx
Find unused variables and parametersxx
Qualify object namesxx
Smart rename refactoringx
Split tablex
Encapsulate as stored procedurex
Uppercase keywordsxx

Don't just take our word for it

Reference guide

SQL Prompt quick reference guide

This handy quick reference guide includes our top 12 snippets, and shortcuts and tips for code-completion, formatting, navigation, and refactoring SQL code in SSMS and Visual Studio.

Download the quick reference guide (PDF 374K)

Feature comparison

SQL Prompt vs. Native IntelliSense

Compare SQL Prompt feature-by-feature with SQL Server's native IntelliSense.

Download the feature comparison (PDF 391K)

ROI guide

SQL Prompt ROI Guide

This paper shows you how SQL Prompt helps your development and DBA teams, and how that translates into ROI for your business.

Download the ROI guide (PDF 136K)