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  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual documentation tasks
  • Satisfy audit requirements by keeping complete documentation
  • Document a database in a couple of clicks, from within SSMS
  • Keep teams up to date by distributing documentation

SQL Doc is a fast, simple tool which automatically generates database documentation.

You can create documents as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files. Information about object definitions and dependencies is automatically included, and you can add further descriptions to your database objects if necessary.

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NEW! v3 - New user interface, support for SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Azure SQL Database,
and much more. See the full release notes.


  • SQL Doc starts at $369
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  • SQL Doc is also part of the money-saving SQL Developer Bundle.
  • Obtain an overview of the database schema

  • View inter-object and inter-database dependencies

  • Annotate all parts of the database schema using extended properties

  • White label documentation – use your own logo and company branding

  • Document databases from within SSMS, by right-clicking in the Object Explorer

  • Create documents in HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files.

More features:

  • New! Greater customization control for documentation
  • Works with Microsoft Azure SQL Database, SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012
  • Document multiple databases
  • Document server- and database-level properties, e.g. recovery model
Sample SQL Doc documentation

Browse sample SQL Doc documentation online

To see what SQL Doc can do, you don't need to download a trial.

With the link below, you can browse complete sample documentation for AdventureWorks online.

Case studies

  • Lumidata case study

    "We went from shabby documentation to full MSDN-style documented databases in mere minutes" John Trumbul, Senior Software Engineer, Lumidata

    Lumidata uses SQL Doc as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

    Find out how John Trumbul saved a half-year of a developer's salary in his first three months of using the SQL Toolbelt.

"What makes this product great in my opinion is its simplicity in use - I give this product a thumbs up and if you have a need for database documentation, then Red Gate has you covered."


"Wow! This is it. This is the one. This is what I expect from Red Gate. I just uninstalled all the other test installs for every other documenter I have tried...this one wins HANDS DOWN. When we looked at this, there were three DBAs huddled around my monitors and we all had the same reaction...dead silence...and then words of awed exclamation"
Doug Shontz, Senior Database Administrator, AdvancED*

"This tool is embarrassingly easy to use."
David Hayden,

"Damn, that's a sweet little tool, thanks. I have to say, you guys rock."
Dave Sussman, ASP/ASP.NET MVP

"Crikey - they've done it again! Red Gate has yet again released another stunningly simple product jam packed full of features."
Phil Winstanley,

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Part of the SQL Developer Bundle

SQL Doc is ideal for developers and DBAs who need to quickly produce high quality database documentation.

Use it alongside the other 9 tools in the award-winning SQL Developer Bundle, and you’ll be able to code fast, drive greater collaboration, increase productivity, save time, and strengthen development processes. Sound good?

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