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Create documents as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files

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Introduction to SQL Doc

  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual documentation tasks
  • Satisfy audit requirements by keeping complete documentation
  • Document a database in a couple of clicks, from within SQL Server Management Studio
  • Keep teams up to date by distributing documentation

You can create documents as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, or Compiled HTML Help files.

Information about object definitions and dependencies is automatically included, and you can add further descriptions to your database objects if necessary.

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Key features of SQL Doc

Overview of the SQL Server database schema

Obtain an overview of the database schema

Properties of all the columns in a table from AdventureWorks

View inter-object and inter-database dependencies

Annotation explaining the function of the dbo.ErrorLog tabel

Annotate all parts of the database schema using extended properties

Sample SQL Doc documentation branded with the Redgate logo

White label documentation – use your own logo and company branding

The SQL Doc drop-down menu in the SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer

Document databases from within SSMS, by right-clicking in the Object Explorer

Choosing the format for SQL Doc documentation - HTML, Doc, CHM, PDF

Create documents in HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, or Compiled HTML Help files

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Browse example documentation generated by SQL Doc for the AdventureWorks sample database.

View SQL Doc documentation example

Sample SQL Doc documentation

Case Study

“We went from shabby documentation to full MSDN-style documented databases in mere minutes.”
— John Trumbul, Senior Software Engineer, Lumidata

Lumidata uses SQL Doc as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

Find out how John Trumbul saved a half-year of a developer's salary in his first three months of using the SQL Toolbelt.

Read the case study (PDF)

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