SQL Developer Bundle for teams

Together the 12 tools in the bundle have been proven to help teams collaborate, with increased efficiency and consistency across a range of activities, including database source control, coding and producing documentation.


Save time writing SQL code in SSMS and VS.

Run unit tests early on and generate realistic test data fast.

Deploy scripts and run multiple tests across all your databases in parallel.


Develop to your preferred model.

Easily share the same source code, push and pull database changes team-wide, and see who is making changes, when, and why.


Share code snippets, tests, and formatting styles among team members.

Package databases as deliverable .exe files, for easier rollouts of schema and data across the team members.


Navigate around a database to find objects and their dependencies.

Quickly discover where references to the old server or database are – particularly useful if multiple coworkers have worked on the databases in the past.

Training and development

Get new team members up to speed with a graphical view of databases, their objects, and dependencies.

Develop consistent coding styles that can be easily shared across the team.


Generate comprehensive database documentation in a just few clicks.

Save documentation in HTML, MS Word, or .CHM file format, ready for the whole team to use.


Satisfy audit and compliance requirements by keeping complete documentation.

Save schema snapshots for audit and rollback purposes.

Create an audit trail by comparing backups.


Quickly find and fix errors caused by the differences between databases that can arise when multiple teams work in parallel.

Restore table, column, and row level damaged or missing data.

Case Study: how the database development team at Calvi uses Red Gate's delivery tools

Database delivery at Calvi

We have two teams of developers – one in the Netherlands and one in India – that work on our database. Overall, Red Gate tools save me hours and hours of work each week.

They've cut out bugs and versioning accidents almost completely. In the last two years we haven't had any bugs related to database objects at all, which is a great result!

Michael Stoop, Database Developer, Calvi

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All 12 tools in a single installer

Download a 14-day fully functional free trial of the
SQL Developer Bundle.


  • A 5 user license licence of the SQL Developer Bundle starts at $5,980.
  • That includes a volume discount of 20%
  • It also saves you 60% on the cost of buying the 12 tools individually.

At this point we are really starting to see some good payback on our investment in the full SQL Developer Bundle. Those products were worth the investment back when we only used them sporadically for troubleshooting and DBA analysis, but now with SQL Source Control, they are becoming everyday-use products for the development team." Mark Caldwell, Software Engineering Manager, Interior Specialists, Inc. Family of Companies, (see blog post)