Individually, each of the 12 tools target and help to simplify a specific point problem. In the bundle, the tools come together to comprehensively support your core development activities.


Code SQL effortlessly

Take the routine out of writing SQL, with keyword completion, customizable snippets, and suggestions for completing INSERT, ALTER, and JOIN statements from SQL Prompt.

Move straight to invalid objects

Track down invalid objects in your database with a few clicks, using SQL Prompt, and generate scripts to help you fix them straightaway.

Keep code readable

Make inherited code readable and keep developers working to the same standards, with SQL Prompt's single-click, customizable code reformatting.

Rapidly create fully-customizable test data

Create realistic, fully-customizable test data in a flash, using SQL Data Generator, to boost your database testing process and to demo databases without sharing private data.

Visualize object dependencies

Gain a thorough understanding of database structure, including the dependencies between related databases, without leaving SSMS, using SQL Dependency Tracker.

Search your databases and navigate straight to the results

Find every instance of a SQL fragment or reference to an object, then locate them in the Object Explorer straight from your results, with SQL Search.

Productivity tools:


Find and fix errors caused by database differences

Pinpoint problematic differences between databases with a few clicks, then automatically bring them in line, using SQL Compare.

Restore damaged or missing data to a single row

Take the stress out of database repairs by syncing your lookup data at the row level, using SQL Data Compare.

Eliminate invalid objects

Keep your databases tidy and reliable with a complete list of any invalid objects, including details of the specific problem, using SQL Prompt.

Track database changes to see who changed what, when, and why

Make it simple to follow, manage, and revert database changes, with a complete record of who changed what, when, and why, from SQL Source Control.

Track down inefficient or broken code

Use SQL Search to locate references to missing objects, or inefficient code such as SELECT *, to keep your databases running as smoothly as possible.

Write and run unit tests quickly and simply

Discover defects much earlier in the development cycle and make continuous integration, agile development, and test-driven development achievable goals with SQL Test.

Troubleshooting tools:


Compare and deploy database schemas and contents

Compare and deploy schema and data with a few clicks, or generate SQL scripts to bring them in line, using SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

Compare from backups or deploy from source control

Roll out database changes directly from source control or straight from your backups, with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

Database source control within

Connect your version control system to SQL Server with the SSMS plug-in SQL Source Control, enabling you to source control databases without disrupting your workflow.

Package databases and scripts for deployments or updates

Make deployments and updates simpler with SQL Packager, which turns databases into easily deliverable .exe files and SQL scripts into .exes or C# projects.

One-click deployment across multiple servers

Execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single click, for rapid deployment and simpler change management, using SQL Multi Script.

Connected, source-controlled database development in Visual Studio

Query databases and execute stored procedures directly from Visual Studio, alongside application code, using SQL Connect.

Deployment tools:


Store a complete catalog of database changes

Maintain an audit trail of every modification to your schema or data, who made it, and why, with SQL Source Control.

Keep a visual record of database structure

Automatically document the structure of your databases in an easily digestible format, for archiving, reporting, auditing, or database architecture, using SQL Dependency Tracker.

Hassle-free database documentation

Eliminate repetitive work, keep teams up to date, and satisfy audit requirements by rapidly generating complete database documentation with SQL Doc.

Reporting tools:

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