12 tools for simpler, faster SQL Server development

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Code and format SQL effortlessly, create fully customizable test data, and save, search, and recover tabs in SSMS.


Find and fix errors quickly, eliminate invalid objects, and follow, manage, and revert database changes.


Compare database schema and contents, and deploy directly from backups or source control.


Maintain an audit trail and rapidly generate complete database documentation.

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Tools in the SQL Developer Bundle:

  • SQL SearchSQL Search
    Search your database quickly in SQL Server Management Studio
  •  SQL DocSQL Doc
    Automatically generate database documentation
  • SQL PackagerSQL Packager
    Package databases as an .exe for deployment or update
  • SQL MultiScriptSQL Multi Script Unlimited
    Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click
  • SQL ConnectSQL Connect
    Develop databases in Visual Studio alongside application code
  • SQL TestSQL Test
    Write and run unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio

"We are really starting to see some good payback on our investment in the full SQL Developer Bundle... [the tools] are becoming everyday-use products for the development team"

Mark Caldwell, Software Engineering Manager

"I have to admit that for any Web or Software developer this is a "must have" tool. The amount of time that I saved is unbelievable. I would definitely recommend the software to any professional involved in programming."

Massimo Brillante, Software Developer, Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee

"Our ROI has been high, not because we are writing more code, but because we are doing less maintenance, and encounter fewer conflicts in work. This enables us to have a larger team with more separate lines of development than might otherwise be possible."

Annette Allen and Dave Green, Database Developers, First Databank

"Red Gate's tools are generally considered to be the gold standard. SQL Compare is fast, extremely easy to use – Red Gate pays a huge amount of attention to its UIs – full-featured and affordable. I wouldn't bother messing around with anything else."

Adam Machanic, SQL Server MVP

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Working individually

Database Version Control

Together, the tools can bring greater speed, simplicity, and accuracy to your SQL Server database development.

  • Save time - quickly produce documentation and compare database schemas and data.
  • Make life simpler - it's easy to run multiple tests at once, search a database, and save, search, and recover tabs from SSMS.
  • Reduce errors - track down inefficient and broken code and keep your databases tidy and reliable with a complete list of any invalid objects.

For more details, just take a look at the features page.

Working in a team

Database Version Control

The 12 tools work to bring your team together, streamlining development, troubleshooting, documentation and more.

  • Drive collaboration - push and pull database changes team wide, and see who is making changes, when, and why.
  • Ensure consistency - Share code, formatting styles, tests, documentation and more.
  • Lean development - Run unit tests early on, and keep all team members up-to-date with latest changes.

For more details, just take a look at the teams page.

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