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Tracking dependencies by hand traditionally relies on the personal knowledge of whoever designed the database. However, this person is often no longer available. Automated SQL Server dependency tracking and reporting minimizes downtime and ensures business continuity.

SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to dynamically explore and document all your database object dependencies, using a range of graphical layouts. SQL Dependency Tracker integrates with SSMS, so you can explore a database by right-clicking in the Object Explorer.


  • Quickly understand the database by graphically tracking database object dependencies
  • Rapidly document database dependencies for archiving, reporting, version control, and auditing
  • Quickly visualize areas of complexity with dependency diagrams and text-based dependency checker
  • Track dependencies between several related databases in the same diagram and project
  • Find potential orphans with no dependencies on other objects, to help clean up a database
  • Visualize dependencies from within SSMS, by right-clicking in the Object Explorer
  • Search, sort, and filter objects
  • Include or hide constraints, system objects, and filegroup dependencies
  • Show source SQL scripts for objects
  • Analyze the impact of changes as objects are added automatically
  • Print directly from the diagram or export as PDF
  • Export XML definitions of dependencies for offline processing
  • Load/save diagrams as projects to use offline
  • Proprietary dependency engine, independent of Microsoft sysdepends table
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 & 2008 R2, and SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Part of the SQL Developer Bundle

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Case study

  • Calvi case study

    "Removing deprecated objects, consolidating stored procedures, altering database objects... I tackle all of them with SQL Dependency Tracker" Michael Stoop, Database Developer, Calvi

    Calvi, Europe's leading provider of telecom invoice management software, use SQL Dependency Tracker as part of the SQL Developer Bundle.

    Find out how Calvi has avoided database-related bugs for the last two years.

"SQL Dependency Tracker allows me to do something I never thought possible:
I can actually see my database – in all its awesome complexity"

Bernard Sheppard, Founder, Sheppard Consulting

"SQL Dependency Tracker is an INVALUABLE tool. We are building a portal from the ground up, and having this tool allows us to comb through the MANY layers of dependencies with relative ease before deciding on how to best structure the database. I have used Red Gate tools for years and will continue to do so"
Doug Shontz, Senior Database Administrator, AdvancED

"SQL Dependency Tracker is simply one of the best SQL Server tools I've ever used. I don't know if five reasons are enough, but here are my top five:

  • It's incredibly easy to use
  • Very responsive, even with large numbers of database objects
  • Visually appealing (it's fun to watch the different layout algorithms)
  • The underlying SQL for any object is immediately available with a simple right-click
  • It provides an effective macro-level view of complex databases. SQL Server has some layout functionality built in. Visio's reverse engineering tool is okay, but SQL Dependency Tracker just blows them all away."

Ed Macauley, Sr. Developer, Benchmark Brands, Inc.

"I love this program. I am considering naming my first child Red Gate Weese! I thought SQL Dependency Tracker Weese was probably too long."
Daniel Weese,

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