SQL Data Generator is almost magical when you see it in action over your own data schema

Troy Hunt, Software Architect

Red Gate's SQL Data Generator has overnight become the principal tool we use for loading test data to run our performance and load tests.

Grant Fritchey, Principal DBA, FM Global

Red Gate's SQL Data Generator inserts 500K rows in the same time that Visual Studio Team System does 300 - not 300K, just 300.

Barry Gervin, ObjectSharp Consulting

In less than the time it took me to get my coffee, I had a database with 2 million rows of data for each of 10 tables. The database was filled with proper names, cities, geographical locations, FK links and I was able to use the Regex Generator to finely tune specific columns' data.

Stephanie Beach, QA Manager, Certica Solutions

SQL Data Generator is simple and effective. It used to take me hours to generate useful test data, for example so we could show our web product to clients. With SQL Data Generator I generated better data in only half an hour, and then, after this initial customisation was done, in only seconds, with just one click.

Michael Gaertner, Quintech

Virtually all of our customers have databases with millions of rows. After being frustrated with complicated interfaces and the slow processing speed of other data generators I discovered Red Gate's SQL Data Generator. Being an engineer that does not read the help files, I was able to create my data within just a few minutes of firing up SQL Data Generator. This is a very simple to use data generator that allowed me to create millions of rows of data in many tables in a very reasonable amount of time. This tool not only allows me to make large databases with varied data-types, but it also is smart enough to create logical data such as months, cities and dates. The user interface is simple and logical. The help is very informative. Combined with the Microsoft DTS wizard, I only need one data generator because the DTS wizard allows me to copy all the data generated from SQL Data Generator to other database like Oracle and Informix. With its ease of use, logical using interface, smart data creation and speed, it is the best data generator I have ever used.

Stephanie Beach, QA Manager, Certica Solutions

A fantastic tool that is very much needed by SQL Server DBAs and developers.

Dinesh Asanka

I want to thank you for creating such a useful tool - it is simply the best. I create many databases each year, and it takes a lot if time populating them with test data for demonstrations – not any more - wicked!

Lee Diggins, DDI Europe

I have experience with three other data loading tools and none of them wanted to refer to a table that was excluded from their load process. Allowing these foreign key lookups against data that wasn't generated again allows us to build our test databases from the same source code that we build our development, QA and ultimately production databases.

Grant Fritchey, FM Global
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