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Leggett & Platt reinvent data migration process with help from Red Gate's SQL Comparison SDK

Leggett & Platt has approximately 20 SQL Servers, each hosting around five databases, to handle the data the international facilities use to run their day-to-day business. Updating these databases across each location used to be a daunting task as SQL statements had to be created manually. Leggett & Platt wanted to reduce the chance of error as well as ensure the .NET application they created for each database could be executed by someone at each branch, even those with limited SQL experience.

Synchronizing SQL Server databases using SQL Comparison SDK

"A common problem, that I have been asked to solve by a number of clients, is moving data and database structure changes from a database located on the customer's intranet up to the database server on the Internet...The SQL Comparison SDK enables you to do things that are just not possible using any other tool I can think of."


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