Incorporate comparison and synchronization
functionality into your applications

Compare and synchronize automatically

The SQL Comparison SDK provides a means to compare and synchronize database schemas and data from within your own applications, with a greater degree of control than the command line interfaces.

It does this by giving you access to the APIs used within our SQL database comparison and synchronization tools. By accessing these, you can completely automate all your SQL comparison, synchronization, packaging and update jobs.

You can, for example, create a program to schedule the comparison and synchronization of your SQL databases; then automate their installation, replication and verification.

Distributing the SQL Comparison SDK

If you include the SQL Comparison SDK as part of your applications, you can distribute up to 10 copies as part of your license. For more than 10 distributions there will be an additional charge per distribution. If you would like further information on distributing the Comparison SDK please give us a call.

What people say...

I love the ability to use the command-line functionality to specify the comparison of a single object or a set of objects. It's a quick way to determine if an object is the same between my development and QA environments.

Jon Moorman, Senior Database Architect, Fair Isaac Corp

Setting up replication between sites with the command-line utility is quick and easy. We can schedule data synchronization as often as we need it.

Eddie Smith, Database Architect, Citadel Security Software

As we started a new development adventure moving our work order system from Cold Fusion to ASP.NET we were in need of a database re-write. As I started the process and got a new developer on board, it was quickly realized that keeping up with database schema changes was difficult.

I checked out Red Gate's SQL Comparison SDK after I remembered hearing about it in one of my newsgroup's newsletters. It worked great.

Now my other developer just gets the latest file version automatically, double-clicks on the file in Visual Studio and is able to quickly launch the Compare tools and get his local copy of the SQL database the same as mine. It has been an absolute time-saver for us. We can concentrate on development and not wasting time making sure the database schema is the same. Thanks for a Wonder Product!

Robert L. Taylor, Senior Web/Systems Developer, DataStarUSA, Inc.

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SQL Comparison SDK is available individually, or as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

Contact a sales representative to purchase the SQL Comparison SDK or to discuss licensing:

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