Set up database continuous integration, automation, and schema monitoring

Getting started with continuous integration

Video: Database continuous integration using Red Gate tools Video: Database continuous integration using Red Gate tools

To get started, download a free trial of the SQL Automation Pack.

Watch the video (to the right) for a demonstration on how to use the tools in the SQL Automation Pack to achieve continuous integration with SQL Server.

For more detail, our whitepaper Continuous integration for databases using Red Gate tools covers the "hows" and "whys" of database CI.

For a greater level of technical detail, or if you want a feel for how other SQL Server developers are already doing database continuous integration, check out the articles below.

Further reading

Best practice blog articles and case studies

Walkthroughs and evaluation resources

$4,995 per build agent

The SQL Automation Pack costs $4,995 and is licensed per build agent.

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