SQL tools for database professionals

SQL Developer Bundle

10 end to end database development tools, to develop, test, and deploy

From code completion, test data generation, and source control, to deploying your schema and data, the SQL Developer Bundle covers every stage of database development. Essential, but time-consuming tasks happen quickly and simply, leaving you free to concentrate on the tricky bits.

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SQL Toolbelt

14 essential SQL Server tools

Including all of the tools from the SQL Developer Bundle plus tools for encrypting backups, monitoring databases from anywhere, and more, the SQL Toolbelt ensures you have the right tools when you need them.

Cheaper together – 65% off when you buy the bundle

Individual SQL Server development tools

SQL Compare
Compares and syncs SQL Server database schemas

SQL Data Compare
Compares and syncs SQL Server database contents

SQL Source Control
Connect your existing source control system to SQL Server

SQL Prompt
Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly

SQL Connect
Ingeniously simple database development in Visual Studio

SQL Data Generator
Test data generator for SQL Server databases

SQL Dependency Tracker
Visualizes SQL Server object dependencies

SQL Packager
Packages a database for deployment or update

SQL Comparison SDK
Automates comparison and synchronization tasks

Search within SQL Server database schemas

SQL Multi Script
Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click.

Document SQL Server databases

SQL Test
Unit testing add-in for SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Automation Pack
Automate your SQL build and deployment processes

SQL Lock
Lock T-SQL objects in SQL Server Management Studio with one click

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