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PL/SQL Developer

The Red Gate Deployment plug-in for PL/SQL Developer makes it simple for users to launch Red Gate's Oracle tools directly from PL/SQL Developer. See table records and schema displayed side-by-side with highlighted differences, and automate the deployment of changes from one database to another.

Oracle SQL Developer

The Schema Compare and Data Compare extenions for Oracle SQL Developer offer Developers and DBAs powerful and intuitive GUI-based solutions in which to compare differences between databases and schemas and deploy changes. Deployment scripts are automatically generated and can be exported for review, executed through SQL Developer or run within the software.

What people say...

The interface of Schema Compare for Oracle is very clean, it's easy to use and it gives me most features I'm searching for. There is even a SQL Developer plugin for Schema Compare for Oracle (search for Schema Compare for Oracle in the SQL Developer Plugin repository).

Dimitri Gielis, APEX Evangelists, Oracle ACE Director

One word.... WOW!!!! Exactly what I'm looking for. With multiple developers possibly posting changes into a dev database, this allows me to generate a script to sync up and compare the two schemas. Works like a charm.

Al Drozd, Senior Application Developer, Hewlett Packard

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