Agile Schema Design

Presented by Ron Crisco

Thurs 24th May 2012

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


In the debates between traditional SDLC ("waterfall") proponents and their Agile counterparts, probably the biggest hinge point is the question of database design. Agile practitioners value "working software over comprehensive documentation" and "responding to change over following a plan." Is Agile, then, the enemy of proper design? What does honoring these values mean to the data design process?

In this live session, Ron Crisco from Method R considers questions like: What is a data design? Do you really need one? Why? Who creates it? When? What's the best format for it? What tools are good for managing it? Can the data design be changed? How? How often? By whom? How do you keep a data design document in sync with your implementation of it?

A Q+A session with Ron Crisco will follow the presentation.

Ron Crisco

Ron Crisco

Ron Crisco works at Method R Corporation alongside Cary Millsap. He designs and develops software, manages products (like the Method R Profiler, MR Tools, and MR Trace), leads projects, and teaches courses. He recently co-authored Expert PL/SQL Practices (Apress). His specialty is simplifying complex work, which is especially valuable in helping the people around him accomplish extraordinary things. Ron has been a software designer, developer, and project leader working with Oracle databases since 1990.

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