Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Basics

Presented by Randolf Geist

Weds 11th April 2012

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


When it comes to writing efficient queries there are a few key concepts that need to be understood. One of them is the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO). Although it's called a cost-based optimizer it's actually not the cost we need to focus on primarily to understand why the optimizer makes certain decisions.

In this webinar, you will learn the basics of the CBO, see why it is crucial that the optimizer's picture of the data fits reality, why cardinality and selectivity estimates matter so much, and which key concepts the optimizer's model surprisingly doesn't cover (yet).

Live demos throughout the presentation will enable you to see the CBO in action, and you will learn about leading the optimizer in the right direction when your knowledge of the data is better than the optimizer's.

A live Q+A session with Randolf Geist will follow the presentation.

Randolf Geist Oracle Development

Randolf Geist

Oracle ACE Director, member of the OakTable Network, instructor for the Oracle University as part of their "Celebrity Seminar" program, co-author of Expert Oracle Practices, published by the "OakTable press". Expert on All Things Oracle.

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