Instrumentation and source control: time to act

Presented by Cary Millsap (OakTable, ACE Director) and James Murtagh (Red Gate)

calendar iconThurs October 3rd, 2013

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


There are two things that people are often aware they should do, but don't: instrumenting their application and source-controlling their database.

Diagnosing application defects – especially performance defects that affect response time or throughput expectations – is surprisingly easy if you design the diagnostic features into the application from its inception.

Source control enables you to you deploy changes from development, to test, and on to production in a controlled and consistent manner, gives you the ability to revert to a previous version, and tells the story of your development.

In this session, Cary Millsap and James Murtagh will discuss why you need to source-control your database and instrument your code and demonstrate tools that have been designed to make this easy.

A live Q&A session with Cary Millsap and James Murtagh will follow the presentation.

Cary Millsap Oracle Agile Development

Cary Millsap

Oracle ACE Director, former VP of Performance at Oracle, Oracle Magazine's 2004 Author of the Year, Co-founder of the OakTable Network, Oracle Development Tools User Group "Editor's Choice" 2010 award.

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