End to End Metrics: Building a performance bridge between the Developer and the DBA

Presented by Lasse Jenssen

calendar iconWeds May 29th, 2013

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End-to-end metrics bridge the gap between the developer and the DBA, the Developer and Oracle, and the DBA and the application.

Most applications today are n-tiers using a connection pool on the application tier, which makes them very hard to trace. With a little bit of collaboration between developers and DBAs, tracing can be turned on very easily for your specific application module, a specific user, IP-address, customer, or any other metric of your choice.

End-to-end metrics can also be helpful in your development process, and in the day-to-day monitoring of your application.

A live Q&A session with Lasse Jenssen will follow the presentation.

Lasse Jenssen

Lasse Jenssen has worked with Oracle since version 7. He is a former Oracle DBA, and lecturer for Oracle University. Today, Lasse works as an architect and Oracle developer, focusing on the collaboration between developers and Oracle DBAs, working both with tuning and troubleshooting.

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