Building APEX Plugins 101

Presented by Martin Giffy D'Souza, 7th Sept 2011

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


One of the hottest new features introduced in Oracle APEX 4 is the plug-in architecture. Plug-ins allow developers to create their own APEX objects in a declarative and supported manner. By creating your own plug-ins you can vastly expand APEX's current functionality to create anything you want in your application. You're only limited by your creativity, so the possibilities are virtually limitless!

Martin Giffy D'Souza has created some of the most popular plug-ins available on the APEX plug-in community page. He has learned a lot about the architecture and what it takes to make a robust plug-in.

In this session Martin will help get you started with creating your first APEX plug-in. He will also provide you with some tips and useful tools to successfully build plug-ins. This presentation will help you take your out-of-the-box APEX experience to a whole new level.

A Q+A session with Martin follows the presentation.

Martin Giffy D'Souza Oracle APEX

Martin Giffy D'Souza

Co-founder and Senior Developer at ClariFit, Oracle ACE, highly respected within the Oracle Application Express (APEX) community, significant contributor to the APEX plug-in community, speaker at most major conferences.

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