How I Learned to Love Pictures: OEM Performance Page Fundamentals

Presented by Doug Burns

Tues 3rd July 2012

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


Key performance analysis and tuning principles apply regardless of the version of Oracle you're using, but the Oracle 10g Diagnostics Pack instrumentation and related OEM Performance Pages built on these principles to offer a new, more visual, performance analysis approach.

This webinar will focus on live demonstrations of pretty screens, but also on building an understanding of the data behind the screens to improve your ability to use them effectively.

A live Q+A session with Doug Burns will follow the presentation.

Doug Burns, Oracle ACE Director, OakTable Network, Oracle DBA

Doug Burns

Doug Burns is an independent consultant with over 20 years experience of working with Oracle databases in a range of industries and applications. As well as presenting regularly at User Group conferences, he has developed, taught, and edited performance-related courses for a number of different clients. He is a member of The Oak Table Network and an Oracle Ace Director and maintains a popular blog at

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