Applied Rapid Development Techniques for Database Engineers

Presented by Dominic Delmolino, 22nd Nov 2011

This webinar has now finished, but feel free to click the button above to watch the recording.


While many application developers are able to rapidly prototype and iterate their code toward a deployable capability, database engineers are often held back by perceived limitations in database products.

However, for Dominic Delmolino, the ability to make database changes faster than developers can generate code has become a challenge willingly accepted.

In this live webinar, Dominic will describe his experience in implementing a rapid refactoring and professional schema management process using standard software development techniques combined with built-in Oracle capabilities.

In particular, Dominic will talk about how to enable database engineers and developers to work in concert while iterating toward a final combined software and database schema product, including database change tracking, automatic generation of schema changesets, and integration alongside software change control. Find out how to make your database development process run just as fast as your Agile development counterparts.

A Q+A session with Dominic will follow the presentation.

Dominic Delmolino Oracle Agile Development

Dominic Delmolino

Former founding member of Oracle's System Performance Group, Director of Database Architecture and Development at Network Solutions from 2002-2007 and currently Vice President of Data Architecture and Engineering at Agilex Technologies.

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