My Case for Agile Methods

Presented by Cary Millsap

22nd June 2011

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Among Oracle database administrators (DBAs), Agile is widely regarded as a dirty word, a synonym for sloppy programming.

But for Cary Millsap the principles of the Agile Manifesto have defined his most commercially and technically successful projects (specifically, the implementation of the Agile Manifesto called Extreme Programming (XP), as explained by Kent Beck).

In fact, further than that: the principles of Agile, implemented as XP, have profoundly enriched Cary's entire life-not just professionally, but personally. The contradiction between the typical DBA's perception of Agile and his own is, thus, stunning.

This session will describe Cary's experiences with Agile values and his implementation of them. Find out what led him to believe passionately that it's XP that will best assure the success of his projects and what has and hasn't worked for him and why.

A Q+A session with Cary will follow the presentation.

Cary Millsap Oracle Agile Development

Cary Millsap

Oracle ACE Director, ex-VP of Performance at Oracle, Oracle Magazine's 2004 Author of the Year, Co-founder of the OakTable Network, Oracle Development Tools User Group "Editor's Choice" 2010 award.

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