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Introduction to Deployment Suite for Oracle

The Deployment Suite for Oracle makes development efficient and ensures database changes are safe for your Oracle databases.

It includes three tools that make it simple to sync schemas and data, record database changes in source control, deploy from your repository, and generate manual update scripts.

To make your deployments reliable and take your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management, try it today, free.

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$869 per user


Key features of the Deployment Suite for Oracle

Compare schemas and data fast

Quickly and clearly see differences in schema objects and table data across instances of your database.

  • Compare multiple schemas and tables at once
  • See differences in the DDL for schema objects
  • A graphical view of rows and columns highlights where data is out of sync
  • Filter comparison results and generate interactive reports
Compare schemas and data fast
Deploy database changes accurately

Set up accurate deployments for schema changes

Generate update scripts without writing a single line of PL/SQL.

  • Synchronize environments using the software or save deployment scripts to review and execute in your IDE
  • Group objects or select individual changes
  • Get deployment notifications about dependencies, truncations, and other issues
  • Deploy changes from any version in source control
  • Automate your deployments with the DLM Automation Suite for Oracle

Easy source control for Oracle database code

Take the complexity out of recording schema changes in Git, Subversion or Team Foundation Server.

  • Checking in changes is as simple as writing a log message and clicking a button
  • Use the difference viewer to inspect every change before you check it in
  • Get notifications about new changes
  • See who modified the database and why, and access a history of every change
  • Compare your database to past revisions in source control
Source control database code easily

Take your next steps with the DLM Automation Suite for Oracle

With source control and manual deployments in place, you have everything you need to set up the next step in Database Lifecycle Management: continuous integration.

The DLM Automation Suite for Oracle lets you use the command line versions of Schema Compare and Data Compare for Oracle to set up a CI process on your build server.

You can connect the command line versions to the build tool you already use, so you get more from your existing infrastructure, and use a consistent process for application and database development.

Find out how you can make your database development even more efficient on the DLM Automation Suite for Oracle pages.

Automate tasks with the CLI

Includes 3 tools for development, source control, and change management

Schema Compare for Oracle

Compare schemas, highlight differences, deploy changes

Data Compare for Oracle

Compare data, highlight differences, deploy changes

Source Control for Oracle

Connect Oracle schemas to your existing source control system

What our customers are saying

Case study

How Techwan SA saves time with the Deployment Suite for Oracle

We speak to Louis-Philippe Normandin, DBA and DB Architect at Techwan SA, about how easy it was to install and use the Deployment Suite for Oracle, and the benefits for Techwan SA and their customers.

Read the case study (PDF)

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