Compare schemas and data fast

Quickly and clearly see differences in schema objects and table data across instances of your database:

  • Compare multiple schemas and tables at once.
  • See differences in the DDL for schema objects.
  • A graphical view of rows and columns highlights where data is out of sync.
  • Filter comparison results and generate interactive reports.

Use these tools to compare schemas and data fast:
Schema Compare for Oracle Data Compare for Oracle

Deploy database changes accurately

Generate update scripts without writing a single line of SQL:

  • Synchronize environments using the software or save deployment scripts to review and execute in your IDE.
  • Group objects or select individual changes.
  • Get deployment notifications about dependencies, truncations, and other issues.
  • Deploy changes from any version in source control.

Use these tools to deploy database changes accurately:
Schema Compare for Oracle Data Compare for Oracle Source Control for Oracle

Source control database code easily

Take the complexity out of recording schema changes in your existing source control system:

  • Checking in changes is as simple as writing a log message and clicking a button.
  • Use the difference viewer to inspect every change before you check it in.
  • Notifications highlight new changes.
  • See who modified the database and why, and access a history of every change.
  • Compare your database to past revisions in source control.

Use these tools to source control database code easily:
Source Control for Oracle Schema Compare for Oracle

Automate tasks with the CLI

Access the functionality of Schema Compare and Data Compare through the command line:

  • Automate scheduled tasks like comparisons and deployments.
  • Include in your build system for continuous integration.

Use these tools through the command line:
Schema Compare for Oracle Data Compare for Oracle

This really is the best tool possible to make database upgrades between different environments.
I work at a bank and the rules here are very restrictive. The only way to ensure that we deploy with zero errors is to use Schema Compare for Oracle.

João Lopes, IT Consultant, Novabase

Red Gate's Schema Compare is by far the best schema comparison tool on the market. It now takes just 45 seconds for me to compare 6,000 objects in different instances of my database.
This used to take 45 minutes in Oracle SQL Developer!

David Cardona, Technical Services Manager, Rostima

We plan to integrate Data Compare for Oracle in our nightly builds. At the moment, all our data related changes have to be scripted manually, which is error prone and not very productive. With Data Compare for Oracle, we can easily compare the data in two different database builds and generate the synchronization script. It's going save at least an hour of development time each week – and stop me going grey so quickly!

David Hart, Senior Application Developer, T2 Systems

Red Gate's Schema Compare for Oracle accurately compared Peoplesoft Financials in 38 minutes. Embarcadero completed the same job in over 12 hours, and we simply couldn't get Toad's schema compare tool in their DBA suite to even finish the job, it would just error out.

Jim Findlay, Database Manager, Public School Retirement Systems of Missouri

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