Knowing the frequency of problems (especially immediately after a release) is extremely helpful in prioritizing & triaging bugs that are reported internally. Additionally, by having the context of where those errors occurred, including debugging information, really gives you that leap forward to start troubleshooting and diagnosing the issue.

Ed Blankenship, MVP

My software releases were always like a rerun of "Nightmare on Sofware Developers Street". Not any more, from now on, no software gets released without Automated Error Reporting from Red Gate. It creates log files, prepares and sends screenshots, captures stack traces, and the state of variables at the time of the error. In order words, it helps make your time as a developer a lot easier and makes maintenance a lot less of a drudgery. [...] Not only will it make you as a developer happier and your life easier, but it will make the customer happier and less frustrated. As a developer you can spend more time working on the next version instead of spending fruitless hours trying to debug the old version.

Bill Gower, Software Developer, Blogger

I've deployed Automated Error Reporting now for one release and I'm already seeing the benefits. I can fix bugs which might never have got my attention before. I really like it a lot!

Stefan Koell, MVP

I started up SmartAssembly and created a new project within minutes and happily obfuscated it. I quickly learned that obfuscating everything to the max doesn't work with something like Reflector.Diff, since you can't obfuscate it so much that Reflector can't load it. So, I backed off on some of the options and obfuscated again. Worked a charm, was so thrilled about how easy it was.

Sean Hederman, .NET contractor and Reflector Diff add-in developer

I have quickly found some embarrassing bugs and been able to update and redistribute in a short time.

Wayne Patin, IbisScope Software

What I love most of all is the real bonus which is the error reporting to the smartassembly servers. This is a beauty which turns my erroneous beta software to something a bit more gracious.

Tony Furr, Anthony Furr Software

A great way to take your .NET application to the next level.

Scott Hanselman, .NET guru and co-author of several .NET books

I don't see any other product doing a better job.

Roy Osherove, Microsoft MVP and author of numerous .NET related articles

The best obfuscator we've tested*.

The NeoSmart Files

Thanks so much for your help! I must say that Red Gate is one of my favourite companies to deal with – both in terms of product quality and customer service – you guys rock!

Gareth Hayter, Founder and CEO, Slyce Software

My evaluation for an obfuscator first began with a consultation of several .NET forums.  Some comments suggested that there were no differences between commercial and free ones.  So, I evaluated all of the free ones first and then proceeded with the low cost commercial ones.  For all of them, I found the documentation was sparse or non-existent, the learning curve was high, or there were severe limitations that made the product unusable.  Some products crashed immediate after execution.   Nearly all of them introduced issues that made my application inoperable or buggy and the ones that “worked” did a weak job at obfuscation.  I found technical support from most of the vendors to be slow or non-existent.   The support that was available was only through email and forums.

After several days of frustrating evaluations, I tried SmartAssembly which I originally avoided because of the price tag.  It was fantastic!  SmartAssembly was a joy to use and self-explanatory.  It automatically found points in my application that couldn't be obfuscated and made suggestions for improvements.  It also combined my assemblies into a simplified merged assembly that made deployment trivial.  Unlike all the other obfuscators I evaluated, my application worked flawlessly with the strongest obfuscation and encryption settings!  I was expecting to contact support, but it wasn't necessary.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even have to read the manual!  Interestingly, Red-gate is the only one that provided phone support in addition to email support.   This alone was well worth the price tag.  SmartAssembly is clearly a polished product that simply works!

Manni Barrows, owner of a startup ISV

Our intellectual property is one of our most valuable assets and we place high importance on protecting it. Having evaluated several obfuscation products, it became clear that SmartAssembly was by far the best out there. The feature set is impressive, the support for unhandled exception reporting directly from customer applications and the professional support, have given us great confidence in the product and the company.

We wanted as much protection as possible against even the most determined reverse engineering efforts; some of our algorithms have required significant effort to research and develop and are highly valuable assets. With SmartAssembly we are confident that our software is very well protected yet, at the same time, not impaired either functionally or in performance.

This is, quite simply, a superb product.

Hugh Moran, Morantex Information Systems

While we were developing our .NET application, one of the biggest concerns was obfuscation of our code. It was of utmost importance that our released program was strongly protected, especially after a year of development.

We downloaded and tried Dotfuscator, CodeVeil, Xenocode, Skater, and SmartAssembly. SmartAssembly is the easiest to use, the most flexible, most powerful, and honestly the only one that worked.

After we obfuscated with other programs, our program would not open. After obfuscating with SmartAssembly, our program worked perfectly and honestly a little better.

1) The 'Unhandled Exceptions' feature caught important errors during our beta stage and allowed us to release a polished application to our customers.
2) We were able to embed other assemblies into our application which made distribution much easier (as well as making updates easier in the future).
3) The ability to add an incorrect metadata stream, made it even harder for decompilers like Red Gate's .NET Reflector to view any part of our .NET application.

We are happy to be a SmartAssembly customer and really appreciate the prompt and friendly customer service. Thanks and Great Job!

John Lueders, Elm Software

It is working sooooo nice! After seeing the successful obfuscation of the sample, I was really excited to try it on my main application, Motovator, which is app. 1 Mb of code, including attributes, web-services, P/Invoke, serialization, sockets, all running on both PocketPC and PC platform.

I was NOT disappointed!

I would guess more than 95% of the code runs right out of the box, with pruning, obfuscation, string encoding and incorrect metadata enabled. That is far superior to my previous experiences with Dotfuscator, Remotesoft, 9Rays, Skater and others I luckily have forgotten about.

Thanks for your outstanding support. I will go right ahead and purchase a Pro version.

Lars Peter Larsen, Motovator

I used some other obfuscator tools in the past and when I first tried SmartAssembly I immediately realized that it was different. No need to get started, no need of any tutorial, and no need of reading any manual: each step of the process is clearly explained and any possible additional option gently suggested.

We all need to learn a UI interface lesson from developers behind this product. If you add that its technology is the most complete and powerful ever used (other tools didn't allow to obfuscate/merge/embed all the different DLLs we needed) this makes SmartAssembly one of the best tools on the market. I definitely recommend it.

Alberto Bencivenni, devDept Software

We purchased the professional edition as we are very impressed with SmartAssembly. It is the most effective obfuscation, optimization, and all-around compilation improvement tool we've come across to date.

John Cioni, Fabsoft

*Compared with Pre-Emptive's DotFuscator, Remotesoft's Salamander, CodeVeil, XenoCode, and more.
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SmartAssembly is licensed per production build machine (any machine you use to produce release builds).

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SmartAssembly can protect your Winforms, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET applications and more. It can also be integrated into build processes using MS Build or the command-line.

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