Take a look at these walkthroughs for more detailed descriptions of some of SmartAssembly's capabilities, and how to make the most of them.

Automated Error Reporting

How to automate error reporting with SmartAssembly

With email reporting, user response tends to be slow, and often inaccurate. Writing your own error reporting system is a major undertaking. The Automated Error Reporting in SmartAssembly offers a simple alternative.

Adding a customized Automated Error Reporting dialogue box

Using the SmartAssembly SDK, it is easy to customize your application's error reporting process and user experience. Read this walkthrough to learn how.

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SmartAssembly is licensed per production build machine (any machine you use to produce release builds).

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Technologies supported

SmartAssembly can protect your Winforms, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET applications and more. It can also be integrated into build processes using MS Build or the command-line.

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